1 aprile 2012

Bauhaus, Abstract Art and Visual Composition

Claudia Wieser
4h April 2012 – 8th June 2012

Claudia Wieser is a young German artist who returns to themes developed by the Bauhaus school, investigating architectonic space and the way it is decorated, defined and filled. At the same time she proceeds questioning herself on the difference between artistic talent and creativity.

Furniture, her first Italian solo show, exhibits sculptures, photographs, drawings, a large wallpaper work and an installation that occupies a great portion of the overall lenght of the gallery space. Geometrical shaping, chromatic research, relationships aroused in a defined space, are the main features of Claudia Wieser’s artworks. Objects are always intended as “characters of space”, which can establish relationships within each others or with the viewers.

The abstract paintings presented in the backspace of the gallery and the bookdrawings on the wall of the main hall, recall the heritage of Abstract Art and more specifically the lessons of visual composition held by Kandinsky and Klee at the School of Bauhaus. The second ones are book pages representing architectures, building interiors or fairy landscapes on which the artist intervenes with minimal drawings or coulourings, shifting the focal center of the overall vision and altering the perception of the viewer’s image in respect to the original.

Works at the entrance are “table-shaped” sculptures, built up by the assemblage of other elementary forms: circle, square, columns. Recalling once again the main patterns of Abstract Art, they realize on sculptural level what Claudia has already expressed on the pictorical one; but, in the passage from surface to volume, she creates a space for further reflection: first, she opens her artistic practice to a figurative approach, secondly she raises questions about the borders between art and design and therefore about the nature of artworks taken as objects.

Realizing a large ceramic installation and a silver paper work, Claudia  overtly confronts herself with the gallery spaces and develops more explicitly her research about the ways an artwork can be understood. The peculiar trait in Claudia Wieser's work is the willing to bind in one discourse the following questions: the relationship among matter, form and concept; between realism and abstraction; between art and applied arts and finally, the pure artistic research.

Her layout, far from being symbolistic, rests on the refusal of the dichotomy that opposes matter to form. With Furniture she goes through this opposition, moving from her abstract painting practice to a universe in which the material datum, volumes and sensorial perception, all cooperate to the definition of a poetic way of seeing.

Claudia Wieser was born in Freilassing, Germany, in 1973. From 1993 to 1997 she was apprenticed to a blacksmith. In 1997 she began her studies in the art field at the Akademie der Bildenden Künst, Munich, with Axel Kasseböhmer and Markus Oehlen. She has held solo shows at the Drawing Center of New York (2010), the Oldenburg Kunstverein (2009) and Art Cologne (2005) and has taken part in numerous collective exhibitions at important venues: Georg Kolbe Museum, Berlin, the Kunstmuseum, Stuttgart (2011), the Museé d’Art Contemporain, Bordeaux, the Institut Français de Berlin (2010), the Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis, the Kunsthaus Baselland in Muttenz/Basel, the Kunstverein, Wolfsburg (2008), the Kunstbau, Munich (2007, 2005) and the Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich (2002). The artist currently lives and works in Berlin.

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