18 settembre 2015

London Design Festival

Envy_Douglas Gordon

Douglas Gordon

The first in a series of limited edition books featuring a different artist for each of the deadly sins. Published in an edition of 25 copies by Seven Sins Press we are in the process of creating the first in this series of amazing books.
This work comprises of 360 monoprinted works bound into seven books. The books are bound in calfskin that has been printed and worked with the artist's inked hands. The books are housed in a very special leather slipcase with inlaid words on all sides, and an outer case covered in heat sensitive material.
The London Design Festival kicks off this Saturday with a week of events held across London. Book Works Studio opens its doors on Saturday 19th, Saturday 26th and 27th September to the public to come in and have a look at some of the things we are currently working on and to see some of our past projects including the automatic flick book.
On Tuesday 22nd September there will be a late night opening featuring live demonstrations of bookbinding and boxmaking in conjunction with the Shoreditch Design Triangle.


Book Works
19 Holywell Row, London
For further information contact JAN@BOOKWORKS.ORG.UK

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