11 settembre 2015


Michele Guido _ rgbn_ 10.09.2010_03.09_ esagono_ grammichele_ 2010/2013. Courtesy  Z2O Galleria l Sara Zanin

EntreNous _02 the treasure of atreo garden project_2015

September 21st – November 7th 2015
Opening Monday September 21st 2015, h. 6.30 pm

Z2O Galleria l Sara Zanin| via della Vetrina 21, 00186 Rome 

The treasure of atreo garden project_2015 is the second step of a series of exhibitions that involves artists of different generations, within the same gallery space. The project encourages the careful examination of the practical, poetical and stylistic consonances and dissonances, in order to highlight not only the similarities but also the uniqueness of each artist practice.
The relationship between nature and architecture is driven by the capacity of the human intellect to elaborate the real through the filter of the senses and take it to a scientific reason. In this way, the complexity of the universe is apparently measured and contained into a plane or three-dimensional space, dominated by perspectical lines and mathematical ratio which produce the illusion to understand and control the entire sensible universe.
Behind every illusion, remains the awareness that the nature keeps a secret that escape every law or logic, that let be contemplate in an air of mistery. To approach the sensible universe means to prepare to receive also this vagueness in order to make it fruitful. The suspension, the contemplation and the meditation are complementary aspects to the scientific process that allow to go nearer to the natural universe.
The artistic research of Michele Guido and Hidetoshi Nagasawa intervenes in this main phase of contemplation, the crossroad between the nature and the digressions of the architecture draws the boundaries of a shade that, through art, can worm out the most mysterious aspect of the real. The two artists give up the demand to reduce the space into a reason-vision exclusively scientific, they instead welcome the emotional nature to translate it into an incipit and modus operandi of an artistic practice that approaches the nature in a more mimetic praxis, liberated by every intellectual prejudice.

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